Craving a delicious burrito stuffed to the max with local and seasonal ingredients? We got you. Say hello to el Santito, the little brother to el Santo—the much-loved Mexican restaurant in downtown New Westminster.

At the heart of el Santito are fresh ingredients and age-old Mexican cooking techniques. We lovingly make every burrito with as many authentic Mexican ingredients as we can locally source. From our kitchen to yours, we specialize in cooking hearty and wholesome burritos for our community’s convenience delivered to you through your favourite food-service app.

Delivery partners:

Banquetes with El Santito

Bring the taste of el Santito to your events.

We will bring out burritos and good vibes to any occasion-from backyard parties to corporate events. Always fresh and full of flavour. el Santo is all about creating memorable experiences.

Contact us

For all inquiries and catering questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Hours of Operation

The menu is available for take-out or delivery on the following days:

Monday to Thursday 11am to 9pm

Friday & Saturday 11am to 10pm

Sunday 11am to 8:30pm

We are located at

680 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1A8

(604) 553-1849

History of the Burrito

Although the precise origin of the modern burrito is unknown, a popular piece of folk history relates that Juan Méndez, a street vendor in Chihuahua, Mexico, is the original creator. Méndez sold tacos at a street stand in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez during the Mexican Revolution, using a donkey to transport himself and his food. To keep the food warm, Méndez wrapped the meals in large homemade flour tortillas underneath a small tablecloth. As the “food of the burrito”(“food of the little donkey”) grew in popularity, the “burrito” was eventually adopted as the name for these large tacos.

At el Santito we may not have little donkeys to transport our burritos to you, however we promise our burritos are just as fresh, authentic, and satisfying.